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"I would definitely recommend Wayfinder Law Offices.  They were very professional and thorough while representing me.  Any more legal needs I may have, Wayfinder Law is where I'm calling for help." - Aaron C., Google Review 
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"Wayfinder Law made the process so simple... They walked us through our options and helped guide us to make sure we were making the best decisions for our situation... Their expertise for litigation which was also extremely professional and thorough.  We would highly recommend the law firm for both."  - Lisa S., Google Review 
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Wayfinder Law’s Goal Is To Get You The Outcome You Want While Making Your Legal Experience As Positive As Possible.  In Order To Do This, We: 

• Truly listen & learn about your unique situation & legal concerns,

• Answer your questions in a clear, understandable manner,

• Be upfront & honest about your legal matter,

• Keep you informed of important developments

• Treat you how we would want to be treated, &

• Do great work.

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A law firm with offices in St. Louis, Missouri, and Belleville, Illinois, we have successfully litigated hundreds of lawsuits and recovered millions of dollars for our plaintiff clients. We will do whatever is necessary to see that you are compensated for the damages you’ve suffered, whether through a settlement or a trial.  

Lawsuit Frequently Asked Questions

Not always.  If you’ve been wronged and haven’t been able to get the compensation you deserve, hiring an attorney to contact the at-fault party could convince them to right the wrong they caused. 

While the threat of a lawsuit does not always adequately resolve a dispute in your favor, having an attorney on your side will certainly make the at-fault party reassess how they are handling the situation. 

A lawsuit normally lasts between one or two years.  However, based on the specific facts of any given case, a lawsuit can last from just a few weeks to five years or more.

Things that can extend the length of a lawsuit include unreasonable parties, extensive legal arguments between the parties, uncooperative parties and witnesses, and appeals, among other things.  

At Wayfinder Law, we give all of our litigation clients our best estimate of how long their specific lawsuit likely will last, along with an estimate of what our legal fees will be. 

In all likelihood, no. Statistics show that approximately 90 – 95% of cases are resolved by settlement or other means prior to trial. However, we work on your lawsuit with the expectation that it will go to trial, and we will not settle your case without your approval. Only by planning to take your case to trial can we maximize the value of your lawsuit. If a reasonable settlement offer is not made, your attorney will recommend going to trial.   

Our law office has over a decade of successful litigation experience, and we have helped our clients recovery millions of dollars. More importantly, we attempt to build strong, lasting relationships with all of our clients. We do this by treating our clients how we would want to be treated, by 1) answering questions in a straightforward and understandable manner, 2) offering unbiased, realistic advice, 3) keeping them informed of developments in their case, and 4) working hard to get them the best outcome possible.  Learn More…

In some instances, depending on the subject of your lawsuit, you will pay nothing unless we recover money on your behalf – i.e., a contingency fee.  Once we recover money for you, we receive a portion of such money as our fee. The court costs and litigation expenses we paid during your case will also be reimbursed from the amount recovered.  

In other instances, we charge hourly attorney fees, typically between $250 to $300 per hour, plus the court costs and litigation expenses we need to pay to fight on your behalf. In certain rare instances, we will charge a flat fee or a significantly reduced hourly fee in order to allow those in difficult circumstances a chance at justice.  

Finally, depending on the client’s needs and desires, there are instances were we will agree to a fee structure comprised of both a contingency fee and a reduced hourly fee.  

Get The Lawsuit Help You Need

In many types of disputes, the hours, days, weeks, & months following the wrongful act can be extremely important. You want to make sure that everything possible is being done to protect your legal rights. 

Moreover, there are limits to how long a person who suffered damages can wait before filing a lawsuit against a guilty party; if a deadline is missed, you can no longer recover. Protect your rights – contact our St. Louis, Missouri, or Belleville, Illinois, law office today at get the plaintiff’s litigation attorney you deserve.

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