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"I would definitely recommend Wayfinder Law Offices.  They were very professional and thorough while representing me.  Any more legal needs I may have, Wayfinder Law is where I'm calling for help." - Aaron C., Google Review 
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"Overall great experience... I  look forward to working with Wayfinder again in the future."  - John R., Google Review 
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"Wayfinder Law made the process so simple... They walked us through our options and helped guide us to make sure we were making the best decisions for our situation... Their expertise for litigation which was also extremely professional and thorough.  We would highly recommend the law firm..."  - Lisa S., Google Review 
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Lawsuit Expertise

Wayfinder Law – a litigation law firm with offices in St. Louis, Missouri, and Belleville, Illinois – has successfully handled hundreds of lawsuits filed against our defendant clients. We will apply that experience, along with our dedication and hard work, to get you a just outcome, whether it be through motion practice, aggressive settlement negotiations, or trial.  Let us help you through this difficult time. 

Lawsuit Defense FAQs

How long a lawsuit lasts depends on many factors, such as 1) whether there are disputes of significant facts 2) whether relevant law is in dispute or unsettled 3) the amount of investigation which must occur 4) the number of parties and witnesses involved 5) whether expert witnesses need to be hired 6) the cost to prosecute the lawsuit 7) the cost to defend against the lawsuit  8) the amount of motions filed by the parties, and 9) whether any court rulings are appealed.  

Lawsuits normally don’t go to trial.  Instead, most lawsuits are either settled or dismissed upon motions defendant filed. Based on the factors discussed above, a lawsuit could last for only a few weeks or for more than several years. 

Whether a lawsuit goes to trial depends on many things, including as 1) the strength of the plaintiff’s claims 2) the strength of the defendant’s defenses 3) the amount of money being sought  4) whether there is settled, clear law on the clams at issue 5) the cost to prosecute the lawsuit 6) the cost to defend against the lawsuit 7) plaintiff’s attitudes and risk tolerance 8) defendant’s attitudes and risk tolerance 

Lawsuits typically do not go to trial. (However, every lawsuit Wayfinder Law defends against is treated as if it will go to trial; doing any less would be a disservice to our clients.)  

Cost is always a major concern when facing a lawsuit – both the potential cost of losing the lawsuit and the cost of hiring an attorney to defend against the lawsuit.  In general, Wayfinder Law charges hourly attorneys fees in the area of $250 to $300. (In some rare instances, depending on the type of lawsuit, a flat, non-hourly fee is possible.)  If you are being sued for a moderate to large amount of money, you truly cannot afford not to hire a lawyer to represent your interests. 

While it is typically worth the expense to hire an attorney when facing a lawsuit, in some situations – particularly where the amount of money being sought is small, such as in a small claims lawsuit – it does not make financial sense to hire an attorney. Moreover, small claims courts typically have more relaxed rules of procedure and evidence.  However, an unwary small claims defendant not represented by an attorney can easily ruin their case by not learning applicable laws, rules, and procedures.

Joseph Rousseau, who leads Wayfinder Law, has over a decade of experience providing great results for clients being sued. With expertise handling plaintiff’s claims as well, he has rare insights into the lawsuit process, both legal and psychological.  In addition to working to provide the best legal results when defending clients against lawsuits, he possesses an understanding of the legal process from the client-side, having been involved in a lawsuit prior to becoming an attorney. This experience allowed him to discovery, first-hand, what things are important to clients and how clients should be treated.  At Wayfinder Law, we work not only to provide you great results, but to develop lasting relationships. Learn More…

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