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Estate Planning

Wills, trusts, powers of attorney, healthcare directives, and probate avoidance.


Estate administration and estate litigation

Personal Injury

General personal injury, nursing home abuse and neglect, medical malpractice, and wrongful death.

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Whether you need help putting an estate plan in place to protect and provide for loved ones, handling the estate and final affairs of a deceased family member, or dealing with a personal injury or the wrongful death of a loved one, an attorney with Wayfinder Law can help.

The Client-First Legal Services You Deserve

In addition to having professional legal experience, we’ve had personal, first-hand experience with the situations our clients face. Using the insights gained from this, we strive to provide our clients the best experience possible while we work to get them the best possible legal outcome. Some unique characteristics of Wayfinder Law include:
A History of Success
5-Star Reviewed
Value Driven, No Surprise Fees
Friendly Service
Open, Regular Communication
Technology Based Efficiency
Plain English/No Legal Jargon
We Follow The Golden Rule

What Our Clients Say

"Overall great experience... Their level of service was top notch (both during and outside of normal business bours)."
John R.
"We were very happy with our experience. Joe was very thorough and explained everything very clearly."
Nikhil D.
"It was a success! Thanks, Joe. Whenever I called he returned my calls in a very reasonable time frame."
Ken B.
"They walked us through our options and helped guide us to make sure we were making the best decisions for our situation."
Lisa S.
"He’s personable gentleman with a humble caring spirit. I felt heard, understood and compassion."
Janice M.
"Highly recommend working with Wayfinder Law!  Joe was extremely knowledgeable and personable."
James S.
"Everyone involved was very prompt and professional. I will always visit this law firm when in need. Excellent service!"
Kevin K.
"Thank you for your quick response to my situation and for directing me in the right path to take."
Frank J.

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Wayfinder Law is not for everyone. While we work hard to make our clients’ experiences as seamless, efficient and satisfying as possible, we can’t do everything. So that we can provide all of our clients the best possible service, we only work with clients who:
  • Truly care about achieving their legal goals
  • Tell the truth and expect the truth from us
  • Treat others with respect
  • Understand that they have an active role in achieving their legal goals
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